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Reviews for Le Wagon’s coding and data courses.

2024 reviews:

They are a "technology" academy with outdated or not updated platforms… a mediocre boot camp where I think that the manipulate their employment rate and reviews to scam people.

A’s review (Puerto Rico 🇵🇷, 2024)

“Le Wagon should probably get some teachers who have been engineers and are not just paid to get through this program. The bar and quality of the teaching staff are beyond disappointing and a little ridiculous.”

A’s review (Australia 🇦🇺, 2024)

“I'm currently in the middle of my web development bootcamp and Le Wagon London, but I feel very disappointed... All this for £7400 bloody pounds that I saved for 8 months working as a second line support engineer… I cannot stress this enough, please do not join them”

S’s review (2024, London 🇬🇧)

*“*For the price of the boot camp it isn’t worth it for me and I wish I just self studied… the teachers were both former Le wagon students so when they say X% of graduates get a job I think they really mean they hire their own students, which… is very misleading.*”*

M’s review (2024, unknown campus 🌍)